Using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to Augment Marketing Automation And Marketing Strategies

A walkthrough of the launch of ‘Untitled Comb’ an assumed hypothetical everyday use BtoC product.

We are approaching mid-2020 and no vaccine has hit the shelves yet but there are hopes. On top of that WHO officials recently announced that Coronavirus is never leaving us. Earlier, there were speculations of a post-pandemic era, of hopeful presumptions that Covid-19 will be eradicated if not soon but it won’t be long. Now what! If we have to live with Covid-19, people can work from home, our children can study online and the economy can thrive. Yes, the economy will thrive with no more handshakes and no more business cards, and with the help of companies offering innovative online products and services incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for marketing automation, marketing strategies automation and much needed demand for advanced personalization. And yes, of course, everything needs to be organic as well: be it products or services, marketing strategy, video, email, storytelling, landing page, blogging, social media or SEO keywords.

Marketing Automation

Before we proceed further let’s understand an old school question — what is marketing and what is sales? A sale is a one time process/happening and marketing is an ongoing process that gives sales repeatedly and continuously otherwise one will be out of the market soon. Marketing automation takes the help of software/s and implementation of a strategic marketing plan to be successful. Many executives use auto generated content which doesn’t hold much weight. Content needs to be created and content needs to be organic.

What if we create an organic need?

The Untitled Comb provides acupressure points as the user holds it. Our hands have the acupressure points of all the organs of our body. There are double benefits of combing daily with Untitled Combs- acupressure of the hands and gentle massage in the head and henceforth relief from the stress. MAYBE the customer gets hair. If you are not convinced you can give it to someone you love, someone who got hair, so they comb their hair a hundred times in the night before going to bed. They can also do the reverse counting from 100 to 1 to sharpen their memory and keep dementia at bay. Add another USP — the Untitled Comb comes in pretty colors. You will feel powerful to hold your favorite colored Untitled Comb in hand.

A drawing of Untitled Comb

Study Target Market

With the help of data science, pattern matching, AI and machine learning.

Email automation

I do not like too many emails and too much content. Just convey to me the point. Just think about it. Communicate only what is required. Empathize with me. And I will be pissed off if the needed information wasn’t communicated to me and on time. But, some people want emails daily.

AI Chatbots

More personalized the chats are, much better is the empathy scale of a chatbot. Untitled Comb chatbot’s intelligence also incorporated psychologists’ view, linguistics, and machine learning capabilities which will be helpful in the expansion in the longer run. Henceforth, transitioning from the bald community to people with the hair community will be easy.

Let’s add more value to the Untitled Comb.

Provide Untitled Combs with personalized messages. This, when automated, will provide a far better data insight as it is text-based and selected or customized by the customer.

Marketing Strategy Automation

The success of most of the business strategies involves a successful marketing strategy.

SWOT analysis

Competitor’s Strategy

When a product or service is really good it’s well accepted by the customers. Competition sets in and customers are bombarded with options. With so many options the decisions are always challenging and time consuming.

What Untitled Comb needs to do?

There are decades-old players and new players with all sorts of combs of all shapes and sizes. There are beard combs, there are long hair combs, there are combs for curly hair and more. Many will innovate and find new combs. But, there will be many who will succumb in the longer run. As Untitled Comb is a patent product the factories can be opened as franchise based factories. And the inventory of the other combs can be cleared in a strategy, something like — buy two Untitled combs and get two other combs for free. Or provide a free Untitled Comb on the purchase of three regular combs. This move will save jobs. And competitors will survive as a franchise — by making the same amount of dough or more or less but they will be there in the business.

Advanced Personalization

With social distancing personalization needs have grown multi-fold. Individual attention to the detail without playing with privacy is the key. And happiness is the key. Fooling won’t take you places anymore. Where is Herbalife?

Word of mouth

In the current digital age word of mouth travels at lightspeed. The envious and jealous strategy will only invite narcissists and that’s a big problem as they are never brand loyal. They are with the brand for a time period. The moment they see the brand as powerless they will leave. For them, love is not power. Anything human is not power. A rising and shining brand is power with which they can relate. A brand seen as power is power and of course, it never lasts long.

Can Marketing strategy be automated?

It can never be fully automated but it is the best recommender system. Finding many solutions for a given problem. As time changes so do the strategies. And which one is working and which one is not working is the key.

Market Expansion for Untitled Combs

Go for BtoB tie-ups:

Target bald founders and CEOs and top executives to give as a gift to the employees for cleanliness and stress buster.

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