The UI of Twitter Sucks

It has been three months and people have forgotten about it. Also, if done for forty days we all fall into a new habit. So after forty days those who complaint are now used to the new UI. Being a writer, hungry for improving, I use it but half-heartedly as there is no other twitter.

Who is the target audience of twitter?

a) A writer — one who writes a tweet and
b) A reader — one who reads a tweet.

Anyone can be a writer or a reader or both. But a writer wants to read before writing and a reader wants to read. That’s important. What is not important on my desktop is the dashboard, the menu, the big list of side menu, and the increasing number of likes or retweets. It’s such a big distraction for a true writer and the biggest challenge for a newborn writer: where to focus — on words or liking? Also, this particular feature is a boon only for the established writers, writers who are in kindergarten and lower grades, they are constantly trying and it’s disheartening to see twitter’s lack of empathy for them.

And the recommended top tweets feature is totally brutal for a new writer. How could you do this? That writer’s ability to find a home for his first or hundredth tweet is meager. Do the little math here.

Those writers who are honing their skills somehow and manifesting a few tweets based on consciousness, they get stuck and this recommender system is killing them. And you give the lucrative offer of bookmarking their tweets. That’s cruel.

Google was successful far better than Lycos because of it’s UI. Makeup does hide the real human faces at times. But guess what once there is a hole in the heart it can be fixed but there will be a mark. Twitter is successful because there is something about tweets, text and messaging. It though takes more time it’s better than speaking. Texting is a form of meditation where a person is using her/his mind and focuses on the words. Please do not mess with it. There’s no one else but twitter for a decade. Use the monopoly to stay on the monopoly.

Love Watercolors, Food, Python, R and Words.

Love Watercolors, Food, Python, R and Words.