When we see a movie we travel inwards into ourselves along with the actor and the director. The Revenant is the best of the journey I took along with Di Caprio and Alejandro. Of course only a Birdman can be a True Revenant. Leonardo Di Caprio is beyond awards. The wandering soulful eyes of mentally retarded teenage boy along with Johnny Depp, are equally or far compelling than the spirit commanding eyes of Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. Comparison is bad indeed. Di Caprio lives beyond the character. The father in him does everything a grieving father whose son is killed, would do — He subjugates men and armies. He skins an animal. Never surrenders to destiny but survives. Fights for justice for his dead son. For his own sanity. Stays strong without sleep. The icing on the cake is the cinematographer and one who has marveled the Blue Light so brilliantly and beautifully that it doesn’t look as if one is watching a movie, a shoot or a picture, as if he has painted it with brush strokes, water colors, blue brush strokes. After watching this movie, I thanked God that I was in 2016. Please do watch The Revenant. Watch it with a courageous heart and discover true you.

Love Watercolors, Food, Python, R and Words.