Being Conscious, Being Self

The great Greek philosopher Socrates quoted, “I know that I don’t know nothing”. This simple statement of wisdom holds true for most of us, though we do not confess the same. We know that Self (Atma) exist. Still, under the influence of ‘Ego’, ‘Avidya’ or ‘Ignorance’ we remain engulfed in the world of identity.

We identify ourselves by a name and a family surname that we belong to. We express our very being or existence with a qualification, a profession, a house and the country etc.


Aren’t we something beyond this name, identity, body and mind? In August 2010, Google, Inc. counted the total number of books in the world. That number is 129,864,880. How many books a voracious reader can read in a lifetime? Approximately 45000 books on Gutenberg are available for free. According to the there are 1,019,729 words as on 1st Jan 2012. How strong is our vocabulary? How many college degrees one can attain in this one life? Even if we travel everyday how much of this world we can see in this life time. A few human want only certain amount of money for happiness and a few want all worlds’ money in their bank to be happy and powerful.

Why our goals are materialistic? Is it a social norm or are we required to play power games or is it survival of the fittest or making a living by doing what one wants to do? How often do we crave for a simple question like “Who am I?” or “What’s the purpose of my life?”

After the purchase of a car happiness comes but for sometime only. Afterwards we complain of traffic jams, backache, neck pain, parking space, petrol prices, maintenance cost and other stuff. Were we born to be car drivers? Social norm! Isn’t it? Why having a car, a latest phone, a house, a degree, a job, a family still doesn’t keep one happy under all the circumstances and forever?

What makes us happy, content and extremely powerful always?

The simple answer is ‘Being Conscious’ and ‘Being Self.’

The supreme goal of any human is ‘Self-Realization’ or ‘Being Self’– the state of pure bliss, amazing joy, tremendous happiness and everlasting contentment.

There is great power in ‘Being Self’. We feel powerful to work towards the visions and unimagined possibilities, that too, dedicatedly, tirelessly and with deep concentration. The hindrances, frustrations, inabilities and fears leave us. By ‘Being Self’ we can create an altogether new world, a new realm of worlds for us and for others. ‘Being Self’ is being with people and working with people of all caste, creed, culture and countries. ‘Being Self’ is being courageous. ‘Being Self’ is being responsible, being a true leader and working towards yourself, your family and the society with total surrender and unselfishness. ‘Being Self’ is being lovable despite all odd circumstances. ‘Being Self’ is being filled with love all the time.

‘Being Self’ is being loved by everyone.

There is mammoth love, care, peace, compassion, confidence, action, integrity, inspiration, empathy, bonding, respect and energy in ‘Being Self’. When one is ‘Being Self’ the word one speaks turns true i.e. one creates worlds from words. The thoughts become real. ‘Being Self’ is a blessing the best a human can do and achieve for himself and the humanity.

Self is our true nature.



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Mamta Narang

Mamta Narang

Love Watercolors, Food, Python, R and Words.