Hey you Mosquito,

When I saw you,

I intended to kill you

But, I stopped

As I saw you closely



As if reverberating to the song of Calum…

[It starts with — My confusion — My first speech for the Toastmaster meet I wrote it somewhere in August 2012. It was applauded like crazy. As the final draft was handwritten, I guess I misplaced it and there was no video recording. Thanks to the time given by Covid-19. I found the older version while cleaning the cupboard, So, here it is.]

My Confusions

First I thought of giving the title “My experiments with failures” But I was confused as — “Nobody fails, ever. We only get the feedback.”

My confusion revolves around four areas of my life — professional, personnel…

A walkthrough of the launch of ‘Untitled Comb’ an assumed hypothetical everyday use BtoC product.

We are approaching mid-2020 and no vaccine has hit the shelves yet but there are hopes. On top of that WHO officials recently announced that Coronavirus is never leaving us. Earlier, there were speculations of a post-pandemic era, of hopeful presumptions that Covid-19 will be eradicated if not soon but it won’t be long. Now what! If we have to live with Covid-19, people can work from home, our children can study online and the economy can thrive. Yes, the economy will thrive with no more handshakes and no more business cards, and with the help of companies offering innovative…

When we see a movie we travel inwards into ourselves along with the actor and the director. The Revenant is the best of the journey I took along with Di Caprio and Alejandro. Of course only a Birdman can be a True Revenant. Leonardo Di Caprio is beyond awards. The wandering soulful eyes of mentally retarded teenage boy along with Johnny Depp, are equally or far compelling than the spirit commanding eyes of Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. Comparison is bad indeed. Di Caprio lives beyond the character. The father in him does everything a grieving father whose son…

What’s Recursion?

Recursion is a powerful concept and it is said to occur when an entity calls itself or things define in terms of themselves. Recursion is found in diverse subjects: arts, computers, mathematics, logic, toys, games and linguistic.

Drawings of M. C. Escher are known to portray recursion. Check out this painting: a painting drawing itself in the painting.

There are numerous examples of Droste effect where a picture is having the same pictures inside in a stack form, calling itself one after another: images of doors and windows calling themselves.

Recursion occurs in food, too. Sourdough, Greek yogurt and curd…

The great Greek philosopher Socrates quoted, “I know that I don’t know nothing”. This simple statement of wisdom holds true for most of us, though we do not confess the same. We know that Self (Atma) exist. Still, under the influence of ‘Ego’, ‘Avidya’ or ‘Ignorance’ we remain engulfed in the world of identity.

As The Man Thinketh

We identify ourselves by a name and a family surname that we belong to. We express our very being or existence with a qualification, a profession, a house and the country etc.


Aren’t we something beyond this name, identity, body and mind? In August 2010…

but I’m still on it.

It has been three months and people have forgotten about it. Also, if done for forty days we all fall into a new habit. So after forty days those who complaint are now used to the new UI. Being a writer, hungry for improving, I use it but half-heartedly as there is no other twitter.

Who is the target audience of twitter?

a) A writer — one who writes a tweet and
b) A reader — one who reads a tweet.

Anyone can be a writer or a reader or both. But a writer wants to read before writing and…

What can they do to lead the market.

Dean Foods, Dear No More

Pension commitments are good. They reflect a company’s commitment to employees’ lives. But what went wrong is zero innovative way or approach to tackling the falling market. People are deviating from chocolates, milk and sugar for long. So why didn’t Dean diversified long ago into lots of new markets?

Alternatives for the dean todos, after chapter 11.

1- Very obvious one. Diversify into alternative milk products as demand for cow’s milk is going lower. Diversify more into the health-conscious products. This is the root to save the jobs of 15000 employees and 14000 dairy suppliers…

Beautiful German Language.

The human mind is a combination of male and female energy. Why I’m talking about this? Because my mom desired a boy and I was the girl. So I was brought up like a boy. Though I’m straight but because of my high animus: unconscious masculine side I see the world of nouns differently. And German has many definite articles: Der, Das, Die, Den and Dem that first increased my confusion and then decreased my confusion. Also, thanks to the many ‘The’s of German my animus has reduced. But, I still love the adrenaline in my veins.

Most people don’t…

A followup to Holy Cow! My Mom Is Trump!

a) Thank you for letting me walk to the school on my own when I was only five years old. The school was Happy Nursery School on the Bungalow road, New Delhi. I would walk twice the secluded area between Hans Raj College and St. Stephans college in the heart of Delhi University in the afternoon and evening. People would cease to walk in the evening in this area as it was known for burglars and ghost stories. The ridge area was known as jungle. I would cross Hans Raj College…

Mamta Narang

Love Watercolors, Food, Python, R and Words.

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